Sara Picken-Brown, ‘THE FIGURE GENIE’ is a U.K based Nutrition & Fitness expert. A former classically trained professional ballerina her career has twisted and turned from dance to a professional Figure Athlete career spanning a decade. Her online nutrition programs, 1-on-1 bespoke Coaching and Rejuvenation Retreats have helped thousands of women love their bodies and live inspired healthy lives.

How To Take Control Of Your Aches (#2)

Taking control of chronic pain may well require taking responsibility for the emotional responses you have to the world you experience. When it comes to integrating the complexities of living within the physical system we…

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How To Take Control Of Your Aches (#1)

It started when I was about 13 and continued until I was 21. That was when I hung up my pointe shoes and turned my back on my dreams of being a ballerina. Chronic stress…

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The Posture Of Fear, Drowning In The Crush

Ive recently moved to London from a comparatively sleepy Australian city. I say comparatively because Melbourne has approximately 4million people compared to London’s 8.7million, spread out over a greater area. Once you get over the…

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