This August marks 6 years since I experienced the first of 3 training experiences that had the most profound impact on my life; as a Coach, as an athlete and as a person. In looking through past training and the debrief event documents I wrote after each event, I have had a chance to reflect fondly on some of the major takeaways from the 14 days living at SEALFit and also the 3 day endurance event, KOKORO. (50hrs of no sleep and gruelling physical output).  Every aspect of my mental, physical and emotional self was pushed to its limits. Here is what I learned and if not learned, then had reinforced beyond doubt…

1. No discrimination.

Regardless of shape, size, beliefs, or culture, the biggest personal trait demanded of a SEAL is demeanor. A Navy SEAL does not display a superior attitude or arrogance, but rather a confidence in his physical and mental abilities for the good of the team. There is no judgement; its all about getting the job done and working together.

2. Every person counts. 

Settling for mediocrity is the death of an organization. Every SEAL knows with 100% confidence that the person behind him will be able to save his life. Corporate leaders need to be able to say the same about their management teams. Employees’ livelihoods depend on it.

3. Train Hard. 

Conditioning your body and mind makes you a more resilient and effective operator in life and in your team. You do not want to be the weakest link that lets the team down, which for a SEAL ultimately could mean lives lost.

4. Learn to Lead & learn to Follow

Every person counts and every person has responsibility for the task being completed, on time, with success and with minimal loss’. That means listening to your team, doing what needs to be done and mucking in.

5. You never know the measure of people until they are tested. 

People are more resilient and tougher than imagined. During SEAL training, instructors prove that their men are capable of 10-20 times more than what they ever imagined. Until your team is really tested, you can never be too sure who will step up and who will falter in any given situation.

6. Carry Your Load

This point is critical to high performing teams, when everyone makes sure that no other member is made to carry more than their share, everyone is pulling together in the same direction for the same outcomes then Teams respect each other, loyalty breeds trust and fosters bonds that become unbreakable and longterm. Ego has no place in high performing teams and when everyone carries their load, tasks get completed faster and to high standards with everyone valued and supported, by each other.

We are well on our way through August and I am very pleased to say that quite a few of you out there in web-land got excited enough about the August Promotion to contact me and get your health and fitness strategy on track and started.

I still have 2 places on my Coaching Client roster. This is a full Coaching service for 1 month & includes: 4x 1-on-1 sessions online,a full nutrition plan and training ‘homework’ program to get you to your personal goals. This is NOT a generic one-size-fits-all approach. It is specifically tailored to you and your needs.



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Check out the following Blog about the FITCAMP and the experience of one happy client:  Fitcamp-Results-Fitness


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IMG_1296Are you getting the results you want? Are your results reflective of the hard work (or lack of work) you are putting into your health and body?

I am very excited to share that for August I have 4 client places 3 client places open for those lucky,  committed and eager people wanting to shape up their body, mind and lifestyle.

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During August 2018, I will personally be guiding you through your personalised program, which includes activity plans, nutrition program (calorie, macro and supplement strategy), plus a personalised lifestyle management plan so that your excuses become void and your success becomes real.

Take accountability for your success and gain understanding about how you can stop the yoyo once and for all.This summer its time to set yourself up right and get on the best path to health and physicality freedom.

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You may have seen and heard a lot about 30 min HIIT sessions and that they are really good to do. But what exactly is HIIT? and why are they the buzz class at the moment?

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
This type of training has been used by athletes to improve performance, but the scientific evidence has shown that this is one of the MOST effective ways of burning body fat fast! So pro or novice alike will get massive benefits from these sessions.

Does HIIT burn more calories than a regular workout?
Yes. By raising your metabolism and creating an oxygen debt, your body uses more calories. It’s called the after-burn.

How does HIIT work?
EPOC or Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption increases the resting metabolic rate (RMR) after a HIIT class as your body uses energy to recover from the strenuous exercise session. For the first few hours after a HIIT session EPOC is at its highest and some studies have shown it to continue for as long as 38 hours. That means you continue to use energy to recover from the session for a long time after it finished which is why HIIT is so effective for fat burning. HIIT may also improve maximal oxygen consumption (VO2 max) more effectively than longer aerobic workouts.  If that doesn’t make you want to get in on a class immediately, here are just some of the benefits of HIIT training:

  • It improves performance – Put a little HIIT into your routine and you’ll notice a distinct difference in your other workouts, namely that you have more stamina and endurance.
  • It helps you burn more fat – This is where the real benefits come in, especially if you want to lose weight and burn fat. Studies have shown that HIIT training allows more fat to be burned within the exercising muscles, pretty amazing since we’ve always found that spot reduction doesn’t work.
  • It helps you burn more calories all day long – The other great thing about HIIT is that, because you’re taking your body well out of its comfort zone to work that hard, it has to burn more calories to get your body back into balance after the workout. That means a greater afterburn, meaning you’ll burn extra calories even if you’re just sitting around after your workout.
  • Your workouts are shorter – A typical HIIT workout usually lasts about 15-30 minutes and involves a 2:1 ratio, meaning your recovery intervals are twice as long as the work intervals. An example would be 5-10 high intensity sprints (working at a Level 8-9 on the perceived exertion chart) lasting 30-60 seconds interspersed with recovery intervals of 1-2 minutes (working at a Level 4-5).

I often mix up my training with HIIT bursts, it keeps things fun, breaks the monotony of long cardio training by introducing multiple body movement/load, weight training elements. This helps improve calorie burning, fibre recruitment, improving cardiovascular output (especially when using a heart rate monitor to time load and rest periods)

Try a class or try one of the following sessions here