Sara Picken-Brown, ‘THE FIGURE GENIE’ is a U.K based Nutrition & Fitness expert. A former classically trained professional ballerina her career has twisted and turned from dance to a professional Figure Athlete career spanning a decade. Her online nutrition programs, 1-on-1 bespoke Coaching and Rejuvenation Retreats have helped thousands of women love their bodies and live inspired healthy lives.

Diets Don’t Work! Transformation Strategies Do!

3c6a2187-17fa-4cfd-896e-f55b82d9858dWe all know that diets don’t work. Most of us know what to eat, what is ‘healthy’ and what is ‘not healthy’. 99% of the population know what to eat, when and why comes down to our associations, behaviours and emotional responses to foods. Loosing weight is really about reprogramming our ‘stories’ around food and why we move toward or away from foods dependant on our moods.
Valetudo Nutrition is excited to offer you an amazing and proven method of improving your health and transforming your waistline. Our Nutrition Psychology trained and qualified expert has a proven Method to see you achieve results in as little as 8 weeks.
Sara Picken-Brown has over 20 years international Coaching & Health Transform experience; her programs have achieved life-changing results for men and women in weight loss, athletic performance, hormonal re-balancing, auto-immune challenges, anxiety and depression.
Your program, together with your Coach allows you to address the fundamentals of what to eat and when, your personal health supplementation system and correct portion management.  Guided exploration of negative behaviour habits around food and their emotional triggers.
Changing behaviours and addressing patterns can be the key you need to shifting toward results and away from habitual failure practices.
We are taking Nutrition Coaching bookings with Sara Picken-Brown,  the ‘Figure Genie’:
In your 8 week Program you get:
  • 2 x 25 min Consultations
  • 3 x Caloric periodised planners over a 8 week time frame
  • Personal service available worldwide with in-person, phone or video consultations
  • Weekly support contact with your certified Psychotherapist & PT qualified Nutrition Coach
  • A tailored transformation method to suit your lifestyle
  • Your personal nutrition system
  • Your personal supplement system
Even if you can’t train with our team, we’re going to get you moving more. Whether it’s the hidden exercise you take with every step or workouts for you to follow, we’ll create the exercise habit in a way that fits into your life.


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