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Have you hit a Low Vibrational Phase?

th I have heard so many people recently approach this new cycle of seasons with a less that bright approach, they have been lamenting the experiences they have navigated with negative outlooks rather that the positive lessons they have been gifted over the previous 12 months. Which got me thinking about our energy investments; where we put our energy and thought forms.. CHOICE is what it comes down to… how we store our experiences and our reference points for the future.

Are you High Vibe or Low Vibe? Are you prepared to change your perspectives for a healthier life experience?

Our thoughts have the power to build or destroy our world..signs you are ‘low vibe’

You feel “stuck” or stranded in life
You struggle with apathy, or an uncaring attitude towards yourself and others.
You are emotionally distant.
You are emotionally reactive.
You struggle with constant fatigue and lethargy.
You have a primarily self-centric view of the world.
You find it almost impossible to get “unstuck” from old habits.
You bottle up feelings such as resentment and jealousy.
You find it hard to forgive yourself and other people.
You suffer from a guilt complex (i.e. you constantly feel guilty about something/seek things out to feel guilty about).
You don’t really know what you want in life.
You continue to make poor choices.
You struggle with mental health issues such as anxiety, OCD or depression.
You find it hard to see the beauty in life.
You feel unfulfilled.
Your connections with others constantly bring you pain.
You are overly cynical and skeptical.
You are argumentative.
You complain a lot.
You have substance abuse issues.
You self-sabotage.
You focus primarily on the negative in life.
You struggle to feel gratitude.
You eat a lot of fatty or processed foods (e.g. meat, fast food, lollies).
You are needy or demanding of others.
You watch a lot of violent multimedia and/or listen to intense music with violent lyrics (e.g. heavy metal, screamo, rap).
You find it hard to make any real progress in life.

You are self-aware (i.e. you are conscious of what you are saying, doing, thinking and feeling, as well as the effect this has on others).
You are empathetic towards others needs and you make a habit of seeing through the eyes of other people.
You are highly creative and are often bursting with ideas and inspiration.
You are emotionally balanced.
You feel connected to that which is “beyond” you (e.g. life, divinity, love).
You have a great sense of humor towards life.
You don’t take yourself too seriously. You are self-disciplined.
You can delay pleasure if it does not serve you.
You do not “need” anything to feel happy.

You nourish and build a strong and flexible body, health is important to you.

As we navigate the next few months, I for one am personally committed to the HIGH VIBE list and behaviours, how about you?

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