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Techi-Tuesday- Garmin Vivosmart 3

I have to admit I am not really one for tech-related-trinkets. I often find I spend so much time getting the ‘technology to behave that the small window of time  allocated to your workout disappears in a haze of ‘can’t connect’ and ‘error’ related messages. That just creates frustration and annoyance. Yes, my patience is very limited when it comes to the tech. However, I do appreciate and know intimately the value of GOOD tech, that works on demand without all the ‘fiddling about’. Keep it simple, keep it accurate and all goes well in my book. After all like a good supplementation program to ‘support’ fundamental nutrition, the gadgets are tools to ‘support’ solid and sound training principles.

In-line with the fact that my new goal is to run a half marathon in 2019, I have finally decided to invest in a tracking device that will help me to keep awareness around pacing, heart rate and routes during my training sessions and ensure I keep injuries to a minimum. Recently I have found carrying a phone with my heart monitor readings and my GPS tracking activated; trying to jump between apps while on the trot is proving tricky- same old issue of ‘this tech is messing with my workout scenario’!

I discovered, through Tech blog review site, ‘I am Living it’ the Garmin Vivosmart 3. My big issue with a lot of the sports watches is that they are super bulky and scream “Im a sporty girl, see I have the watch to prove it”. I am VERY petite and most of the watches look like I have BIG BEN on my wrist. Im hopeful, when my new Garmin arrives, it will delight, not disappoint in this area. As for the tech stuff, its had mixed reviews, but mostly for what I need, its perfect for the price.

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 9.47.10 am

Features: Maximum Speed, Record Sleep, Average Heart Rate, Average Speed, Bluetooth, Calorie Monitor, Clock, Data Review, Date, Distance, Exercise Log, Heart Rate Monitor, Rechargeable Battery, Set Goals, Sleep Tracker, Smart phone compatibility, Stopwatch

So Stay tuned…

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