August Promotional Offer

IMG_1296Are you getting the results you want? Are your results reflective of the hard work (or lack of work) you are putting into your health and body?

I am very excited to share that for August I have 4 client places 3 client places open for those lucky,  committed and eager people wanting to shape up their body, mind and lifestyle.

My comprehensive training and nutrition program, which is accompanied by weekly consultations by appointment, online; has achieved incredible results with clients around the word for over 5 years. No matter what your goal, we can get you there.

During August 2018, I will personally be guiding you through your personalised program, which includes activity plans, nutrition program (calorie, macro and supplement strategy), plus a personalised lifestyle management plan so that your excuses become void and your success becomes real.

Take accountability for your success and gain understanding about how you can stop the yoyo once and for all.This summer its time to set yourself up right and get on the best path to health and physicality freedom.

Just £128 for all this.

Email to register NOW:

Book before Aug 5th or until places are open.


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