Sara Picken-Brown, ‘THE FIGURE GENIE’ is a U.K based Nutrition & Fitness expert. A former classically trained professional ballerina her career has twisted and turned from dance to a professional Figure Athlete career spanning a decade. Her online nutrition programs, 1-on-1 bespoke Coaching and Rejuvenation Retreats have helped thousands of women love their bodies and live inspired healthy lives.

Are you Making These Five Ab-Tastic Mistakes?

Having a midsection worthy of a Super Hero is about more than just doing 1000 sit-ups a day. There are some key factors often overlooked and we will highlight the Top 5 Mistakes made in getting a rocking midsection.

The saying goes abs are made in the kitchen and that is partly true.Figure Genie Stop Making These 5 Mistakes to get Better Abs


MISTAKE #1 You drink Alcohol Regularly and Eat Rubbish Food
SOLUTION: Keep Your Diet Clean & Healthful

What you DONT put in your mouth, and just as important, what you DO put in your mouth is 90% of your success or failure on any program, no matter what your goal. Making sure you eat regularly is important. When we don’t eat our body goes into starvation mode and we retain fluid, fat and toxins. Eating every 3-4 hours will keep your metabolic fire stoked and happy, giving you energy and the ability to stay motivated to keep doing more. Avoid high salt and high fat foods, processed meats and products are usually full of preservatives and additives which promote bloating and sluggish digestion. Keep to high fibre fresh food options, cut sugar out and whey dairy, keep quality protein sources and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and help eliminate toxins.

MISTAKE #2 You Don’t Exercise Consistently For Enjoyment
SOLUTION: Move Daily

Moving everyday is something us humans are designed to do. Our lymphatic system, nervous system and digestive processes all benefit from exercise regularly.  I always recommend keeping the intensity and type varied and enjoyable, so long as you are actually doing the activity consistently. Aim for 30-50 min daily, some days should be a little more intensive than others. What ever makes your session enjoyable and gets that heart rate up. Ensure you move to get a minimum ‘healthy glow’ session and a maximum ‘looks-like-i-just-had-a-shower-sweat’ session for 30-50 minutes 6 days of the week. This includes a walk, bike session, weights or body weight session, running the stairs at work…all have their merit so long as the time and intensity falls inside these ranges.

MISTAKE #3 You Have Never Had Colonic Irrigation
SOLUTION: Embrace the Benefits of Cleaning Your Colon


Many people don’t realize that all the poor food choices, alcohol and stodgy winter foods that have been indulged in can cause some serious intestinal issues. Constipation, bloating, lethargy and headaches can all be signs that your bowls are not functioning effectively. As part of a body management program it is highly recommended that regular colonic irrigation be included in your wellness regimen. The health benefits of assisting the waste elimination process can be quite marked. “The colon or large intestine is the end portion of the human digestive tract. Its primary functions are to eliminate waste, conserve water and re-absorb electrolytes and minerals. Waste material that has remained in the colon for some time (i.e. impacted faeces, dead

cellular tissue, accumulated mucous, parasites, chemical residue, etc.) can pose several health problems. These poisons can re-enter and circulate in the blood stream, making us feel weak, tired, or ill. Also, impacted materials impair the colon’s ability to assimilate minerals and cause the overgrowth of bad bacteria and yeast. A build up of material on the colon wall can also inhibit muscular action, causing sluggish bowel movements, slow transit time, constipation and encourage the negative results of these disorders. Colon hydrotherapy can greatly alleviate this congestion and the build-up of unwanted toxic waste and is a safe, effective method for cleaning out colon waste and ridding the system of this unwanted material, by repeated, gentle flushing of pure filtered warm water. The colon can hold onto as much as 3-5kg of old toxic waste matter (undigested food, impacted fecal material, bad bacteria etc). This junk clogs up our bowel causing bloating, flatulence, pain and discomfort along with non-gut symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, poor energy, low mood and motivation. As people don’t eat enough fibre or drink enough water, this toxic muck is stuck in their bowels.

Colonic hydrotherapy helps to flush out all of this junk with warm water, relieving you of kilograms from a lifetime of poor diet choices. The elimination of this toxic mess improves the condition and tone of your bowel, lessening the incidence of constipation, improves your energy and motivation levels so exercising is not so much of an effort, removes the bloated “pot belly” look, leaving you feeling slimmer and makes you more conscious of what you are putting in your body. ”

MISTAKE #4 You Are A Stress-Head
SOLUTION: Stop Sweating The Small Stuff


It is a known fact that stress makes you fat and that the distribution of fat tends to be around the midsection for both men and women. This is due to the increased release of cortisone during the fight or flight response. So as part of an effective body management program the practice of meditation, breath control techniques and regular massages are a great way to restore balance to an over worked body and mind. Digestion and absorption of food has been found to be improved and of course cortisol levels, the stress hormone, drop dramatically.

MISTAKE #5 You Have Never Had An Infra-Red Sauna
SOLUTION: Embrace Infra-Red Saunas to Accelerate detoxification & Fat Loss

My final tip for your body management and Ab-Tastic regimen is to get regular infra-red saunas. These are great ‘detox box’s’. Far more pleasant to sit in than the standard sauna, the infra red saunas use infra red waves to heat the body and eliminate toxins from the skin, cellular activity or energy can be increase by up to 60% for over an hour post sauna. Meaning, your metabolic rate and therefore ability to use energy is also elevated for this time. Eliminating toxins and also subcutaneous water will give the appearance of a trimmer tummy and make your skin feel amazing. Some also include colour therapy in the session so mood elevation increases happy hormone release and improved physical and mental wellbeing.

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