Sara Picken-Brown, ‘THE FIGURE GENIE’ is a U.K based Nutrition & Fitness expert. A former classically trained professional ballerina her career has twisted and turned from dance to a professional Figure Athlete career spanning a decade. Her online nutrition programs, 1-on-1 bespoke Coaching and Rejuvenation Retreats have helped thousands of women love their bodies and live inspired healthy lives.

Cotswolds Yoga & Meta-Cognition Workshop


Join me on Sat 20th July for a truely awesome Yoga and Mindfulness Workshop.

Session 1: Power Yoga Practice (75min) @10am

I will share what I learned about meditation from USNavy Seals. How mediation and mindfulness techniques were key to 2 successful professional careers, one as a ballet dancer and the other as a 3x Australian National Champion and World Ranked athlete.

You will discover how you can tap into your intuitive intelligence for navigating life events and for vitalising your health and wellbeing.

We will also explore some of the fundamentals to deepen your yoga practice with key foundational teaching points that will keep the ‘asana’ aspects of your practice fresh and challenging for many years to come.

I am so very passionate about the information and practices I have to share and cannot wait to meet all those attending.3

Session 2: Meta-Cognition & Meditation Practice (60min)  @ 11:30AM

  • Curious what MEDITATION & BREATHE WORK is all about?
  • Tried Meditation & feel like you FAILED?
  • We will explore key Meditation strategies to help with stress, anxiety, pain management & mental focus.
  • Key structured breathing exercises used to energise or relax your mind & body.
  • We will debunk the MEDITATION MYSTERY & give you real-world tools that you can use & benefit from RIGHT NOW.

Deepen your current meditation practice. Learn how to bring the benefits of Meditation into your life, without the WOOWOO.

Bookings can be made directly via:

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